Recruiting Reset: 11 Players Oklahoma State Could Add to Its 2021 Class

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OSU’s not-so-short shortlist.

2 out of the last 3 would be great to pick up. If one is the center

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I wouldn’t mind seeing Jalen Cone transfer in, Jonas Aidoo commit, and Avery Anderson return.

I would be fine with any of them

Somebody rather then nobody :100:

You need an insurance policy in case Avery bolts. That means he has to be replaced with someone just in case. Without Avery I don’t think we have much of a team. I also think the impending appeal with the NCAA is going to concern some of these recruits. Not going to be easy for Boynton to recruit his big man and shooter. Without those 2 kind of players we just don’t advance very far. It will be more of the same. Teams that outperform expectations but don’t have a few key players to take the team to the next level. The fan base and Boynton are hungry for big time success.

Does anyone know our exact scholarship count at this moment? I know that a few weeks ago it was 0 (technically -1 if sanctions are upheld). Then with Cade and Flavors leaving, I think that gives us 2 (again, not accounting for potential sanctions). Do we have more than that? Anderson leaving would add a third but there is a 0% chance Boynton gives that scholly away until after Anderson has left obviously.

Because we’re in the appeal we have no sanctions or ban. As late as it getting in the year were should not have any.
So boynton needs to go out and get 2 players. We will have at least 3 guys leave next year.

Wonder if Dee’s scholarship was just for the year too. Glad he was helped but I don’t see how you keep him on scholarship unless we don’t fill the roster all the way after this years class is said and done.

I know, I just meant if the appeal is heard and disapproved before the 2022 season.

I agree, I wondered the same thing. On one hand, it might be a gut punch to reward his hard work with a scholarship just to strip it away, but on the other it’s a big time basketball program and if other guys need that scholarship you gotta give it to them first. Tough spot for Mike to be in, but I think Dee would understand based on what I’ve seen of his personality. Seems like a real grounded guy

I would think coach told him when he gave it to him it would be for one year only but who knows. If the NCAA comes in and takes scholarships away we will really need that one.

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This isn’t the first time he’s been on scholarship. The only way he’s on scholarship next year is if boynton does a poor job recruiting and doesn’t fill all of his scholarships.

If Anderson and Bryce don’t comeback then we will have 4 open scholarships and depending on what he does with Dee’s scholarship that’s 5. Even if the NCAA ruling goes against us we’d only lose 1 scholly per yr for 3. In my opinion the scholarship reduction portion of the penalty will be less than 3 by time appeal is decided upon. At the end of the day Coach B really needs to land couple of very good player thru the portal.


I suspect Bryce Williams is not returning. If you take back Dee’s scholarship then you could have 4 to offer. With all of these transfers I would think Boynton could build a pretty good team.
Now about having beaten Baylor I thought that was a really unbelievable achievement until I read what Scott Drew said in an interview during the tournament when he explained that with all of those makeup games bunched together and the traveling time they did not have time to rest or properly prepare for games.
So OSU caught them when they were burned out but it always will look good in the record book. The Cowboys were also playing a marathon make up schedule at the same time. But the way the Bears played against Gonzaga I don’t think anyone could beat them.


I’m sure Williams is coming back, its getting to late to do anything else.
On scholarship let’s get the two filled we know we have first.
We should not take Dee’s away un less the ncaa wants one. Its so late getting some better is unlikely. We’re getting really late in the season. Rite now we have two that r empty.
I’m totally with on Baylor and are 11th ranking looks good. And feels good.
Take like west Virginia yes they won but a lot of close games. Throw in oklahoma and tech. The big 12 was overrated.
Its always good to swept ou and people want to overrate those games. The home win was a quad 2 win.
I dnt see the big 12 being better next year. Coaches leaving and stuff. It is a go time to build for boynton.we were young but were not next year.
3 seniors 2 starters
4 jr 2 starters the other two have starts
4 sophomores 2 with alot of starts.
Get ice back to pg will help him. And get a real center to block up the middle. A very good defensive team.
Its really up to boynton.

Looks like Cone is going to Northern Arizona

Beautiful area. Close to the grand canyon. Ski desert forest. Close to Phoenix.
He may want a degree in forestary

Every forestry major I met at OSU was a pothead.

I’m sure it won’t be any different for him at flagstaff.