Recruiting Update: Oklahoma State Extends Offers to a Slew of 2024 Prospects

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OSU coaches have been busy.

Gary busey and John prine would really round out some of our celebrity recruits names,
Pulling for those two

Getting better players just got even harder with this conference changing to a glorified mountain west conference. Fact. Can’t even get excited anymore for osu football.

O yea, and gundy is still recruiting.

This goes back to you not understanding recruiting.

Seriously which is the better recruiter. Gundy or smith. I love smith but he has never been that exciting.

We do the two have to recruit from. They both have gotten kids from all over. But, where are the bread and butter. Gundy has to go to texas. Actually has to compete with with ever blue blood and high profile college in the nation.
Smith gets highly ranked players from Oklahoma. Most of his squad is from Oklahoma. Look at texas. They have 3 guys that have natty’s, 2 went to osu. There isnt a major college in texas that has wrestling. Cushing has more kids with natty’s then the whole state of texas.

I know you guys think bos is an elite stadium, but its not. It not special in size, history or looks. It is unique in its orientation, wow. They do call gia historic. The baseball field is elite. Golf course holds national. Its elite.