Recruiting Update: OSU on the Hunt for RBs, Vying with OU for In-State Stud

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OSU coaches doled out a slew of offers.

Alot going on glad to see the walkon stuff we got one there in a running back

I still think they need to go down the street and offer Quantrell.


They should’ve done it months ago. I’ve seen the guy play enough to know he’s the real deal. Whoever ends up getting him, it’s a steal!

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Travis I like u ur still young but give 5 more yrs u will be repeating urself like Joe. Anytime u want to tell us Gundy the whole osu system how we get better recruits u jump in there and tell us. Ur be like joe with 4 fingers and spouting off about 2 and 12.
At least I know u pay attention to more then just football

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Agreed, need to give the boy a chance.

I’m not going to make every topic turn into anti-Gundy. Not my style. And I can type with all 10 fingers. This is basketball season and there’s a lot to look forward to with baseball, softball, wrestling and other stuff outside of sports in my life. So I won’t be the next Joe, although I agree with a lot of his points. I just think at some point, have to accept Gundy will be here a bit longer so may as well just learn to live with it until he retires. Cause he isn’t getting fired “with cause” and the buyout money simply isn’t there. At the point of him retiring, then the administration and athletic department and donors and alumni/fan base can decide whether or not they truly wish to commit to elite football in Stilly. Who the next coach is after Gundy will determine the depth of the commitment.

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The grapplers got another big win

Hope it is still the program that can take the next step.

Yes Gundy has rode this program it to the ground.

Or. Iowa State or Texas could start dominating.

That’s 4th place what would chance.

I guess will have to hope Campbell gets the Michigan job and Texas boosters get their new coach all liquored up.

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Michigan signed that bum Harbaugh through 2026. Hopefully OSU learns from that stupid move and doesn’t sign Gundy again.

I can think of 2 games the kicker has lost for us in the last year or so… why don’t they offer a scholarship to an ace kicker