Redshirt Freshman Offensive Lineman Cade Bennett Enters Transfer Portal

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Another member of OSU’s 2020 recruiting class hit the portal Thursday.

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What the hell is wrong with the OLine?? 3 down on already one of the weakest parts of the team. What is Dickey doing?? He looked like a great hire but has been anything but great. I don’t understand what the hell the issue is.


It’s all about playing time. They keep see more and more guys come in and take their spots.
O line are missing ever where. So why not. Maybe Texas will call on them for 50000.

How do you expect playing time at this level if you don’t think you can get some here? Our line ain’t exactly great.


Maybe there is something going on but I still think these guys think they can play.

Looks like Dickey is a Dickey.

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Doesn’t look good for the dicky

Good thing is that nobody will be calling for Dunn and dickey anytime soon right?. Coach always sid that continuity in the coaching staff makes for on the field success.

I mean is anyone shocked about o-line issues at Oklahoma state university under Mike gundy? That’s he’s mo. What’s this make now of having a bad o- line…11years now and counting?

I can’t remember who commented we were in ¹good position on the offensive line but my girlfriend who knows very little about football can see we are struggling on the blocking. I hope the coaching staff can stack the depth even if it’s with average blocking play.

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I’m not sold Dunn is a terrible OC I actually think he did a good job for the most part this year. But our O-line is really worrisome and something needs to get fixed.

What’s been the saving grace of the OL has been the fact that we’ve been able to find diamonds in the rough at running back. Tyreek Hill, Justice Hill, Chuba Hubbard, Chris Carson. Imagine if we would’ve just had Richardson and Jackson all season behind this OL?

I have a hard time believing without Warren we would’ve been in the Big 12 title game. The last time we were able to have a solid OL was 2013 (The same year Wickline left). We were able to make it work with Roland and Smith as our two main running backs.

We’re on our 4th OL coach since Wickline left. We all want to give credit to Gundy for bringing in guys that work out. Just make sure you never criticize him for bringing in guys that can’t fix the OL. There is always someone with the orange shades on hiding in the bushes ready to jump out with their book of excuses.

Hell, we can’t even make the top 10 anymore.

He only did top 25 teams. We would be lower then that. .
I think we’re 9th in the big 12.

I don’t believe Dickey is the problem. From 2011-18 when he was at K-State he had a lineman on the first team all Big 12 every year.

I thought he was a great hire but I haven’t seen any OLines here like the ones he’s had at KState. I don’t know what the deal is.