Remember the 10 Feels Even Heavier in the Wake of Kobe Bryant's Death

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Has it been a life well-lived?


Great article Kyle. This hit me too. Probably because Kobe and I are the same age. We graduated the same year from high school and he was drafted out of high school that year. I was on a mission trip with my church and couple other small churches to Costa Rica last week when I heard the news. It was only the 2nd mission trip of my life. I left my phone behind for a week. Looking at it only to see ocasionally what time it was and read a text or two. I didn’t download an app (What’s App) in Costa Rica on purpose to kind of unplug which at first was but necessity I thought and later by my choice. Mix of the two and it was kinda nice I gotta say to unplug for a week. I was told by others on the trip of Kobe’s death. It reminded me of the scripture that “Life is but a vapor that appears for a while then vanishes.” -James 4:14- We don’t like to think about that. I don’t, you don’t . Of course not it’s not fun to think about but nevertheless true. Turning 40 kinda does that much like I’d say 30 or 35 does kinda a little. Teach us to number or days… Anyway we are all imperfect people saved by faith and obedience in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice paying for our sins. Just a few thoughts. Have a great day everyone.

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