Report: Arizona's Application Accepted by the Big 12

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We’re one step closer to a 14-team Big 12.

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ASU needs a new president. Guy sounds out of touch from the reports.


There was a sentence in previous realignment stories that sticks with me: it was something to the effect of ESPN wishing the Big 12 would stop at 14 teams and Yormark wanted to be a good partner with ESPN.

I’d be good with stopping with UA.

Both ASU and Utah have dragged their feet. Neither WANTS to be in the Big 12, but they’d come when then HAVE to come. I say let 'em stay and figure out their new home. We don’t need 'em and they dilute the $$$.

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I’m also good with stopping at 14 for now if needed. I DO NOT want a school that is holding their nose when they come in - let’s get teams committed to the Big 12. ASU’s president has been a very staunch supporter of the PAC and the past two commissioners, in spite of their obvious failures. If he represents what the rest of the school thinks - don’t want 'em. What’s ironic is it’s an athletic conference, and ASU’s athletics have not very good the past few years.

I’m with you all on this. As much as I’d like to see Oregon come to B12 it needs to be as a committed partner. I’d give them, ASU, Ore, Wash St, et al., one chance of an offer to join the B12 with a reasonable time limit for a decision. Once that deadline is past I’d close the doors to this round of conf realignment.

Arizona will be in the conference by the end of today.

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Sounds a lot like our government.


I really like this pick up. They bring much more to the table than anyone else being mentioned (not named Oregon).

“They bring much more to the table than anyone else being mentioned”

@patrick0327 What do you feel like Arizona brings “much more” of than Washington, Stanford or Arizona St for that matter?

Arizona is the worst football program, BY FAR, of that group.
Ill give you that they have a pretty good hoops program, but theyve been to the Final Four 4 x’s in the last 50 years and the most recent trip was 22years ago. OU has been to two Final Four’s since Arizona has, and no one would classify OU as a bigtime program.

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If Zona State and Utah wants to maintain the hardline stance and keep hope alive for the Pac-8, by all means. Meanwhile UW and OreGONE might not be gone for the B1G so…more candidates. Geographically Utah and ASU makes the most sense but…they sound like they’re ready to become part of the Mountain West Conference, lol.

He’s probably thinks Zona is in PHX rather than ASU. :joy:

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The are known as a basketball school but they have been down on their luck lately. Not going by Final Fours, because if that the case we could find multiple teams considered better than well known “blue bloods,” but perception at recruiting classes are what I’m talking about.

I would say they are more comparable to Iowa St overall, but with a bigger brand name in basketball.

Football: Utah

Basketball: Arizona

Golf :man_shrugging:t2:: Arizona St

Cross Country :rofl:: Colorado

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