Report: Big 12 Expected to Add New League Members Next Week

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Expansion is moving FAST.

This will show ou and Texas they will not get off easy.
The big 12 did not implode. Poor guys.

I think OU and Texas will leave before they join.


“and may even compete alongside Oklahoma and Texas before those two powerhouses depart for the SEC,”

They called Texas a powerhouse lol.


Like a giant middle finger to Norman and Austin…

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I think those are the 4 best schools to add even though the travel involved to Utah is quite a stretch, especially in winter with snow storms, yikes. I think this new Big 12 conference will deflate the OSU ego that some fans seem to have who think those schools from the AAC are not at the level of OSU. I happen to think OSU is at their level and therefore it should be a pretty good conference. I have no concerns about TV revenue, that’s not my worry. Other people get very big bucks to be concerned about lost revenue. The Big 12 should have a lot of parity now.

I’m a former OSU walk-on from the 1987-1988 days, (I’m one who can say he’s been run over by two NFL Hall-of-Fame running backs).
Question: since the SEC is expanding to 16 teams and talks of possibly becoming a 20 team league, why would we not want to be the first to reach 20 teams, (or at least 16 teams)? It seems logical to at least match (or better) the SEC in numbers, otherwise in a few years everyone will be saying “here we go again”. Then we could wrap it up now with North Dakota State, Memphis, USF, SMU, Boise St., Air Force, Tulane & UNLV, (or whomever) to take The Big 12 to “The Big American Conference” with 20 teams before anyone else? I don’t know, just a thought…

Why not at least see if we can steal an Arizona State, Utah, Colorado, and then add BYU? Are they really happy bowing to the whims of the California schools?

The land thieves & texascede can find sympathy in the dictionary between s**t & syphilis!

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Adding BYU is a huge mistake given their hard-sell religious TV network! Ask anyone in the Mountain West & old WAC Conference! They are texascede on steroids!

Say you heard it here!

I think a good move would be for the 8 remaining Big-12 schools should merge with the Mountain West Conference.

Adding BYU is adding texascede on steroids!

I’m not sure why we don’t go a step further and reach out to Tulsa and Memphis… that is two more historically competitive football and basketball programs, in addition to their solid academic resumes, specifically Tulsa which is universally considered to be one of the best private universities in the country… I guess I just don’t understand short selling the conference when the rest of the Power 5 will soon be pushing 14 -16 programs

I know what people think about tulsa.
Small alumni. Osu already covers this market.
Tulsa has had nice teams but no new years bowls coming from a poor conference.
Memphis will be next with maybe boise.