Report: Big Ten, Pac-12 Leaning Toward Conference-Only Football Season

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Could something similar happen with the Big 12?

For the big 12 I don’t see the point in doing conference only games. Iowa state is up in the north Midwest in Big 10 country and West Virginia is all the way on the east coast so even in a conference only format there’s still going to be lots of travel all over the country. If they only played in Oklahoma and Texas I could see the point in it but you’re still going to have to be traveling to and from Ames, Lawrence, Manhattan, and Morgantown.

Good thing the big 10 canceled non con games even though Nebraska plays at Rutgers. Makes a whole lot of sense. Really thought that one through.

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Makes sense for the PAC 12. They’re the worst of the power 5 conferences so playing non-con schedule only highlights their deficiency

But what about all the power 5 schools who wanted to play Kansas?

Every conference has a Kansas equilvalent

If you look closer, you will see no other power 5 school has had a worse record over the last 10 years.

I dnt understand most things, conference only is another to add to the list. Ku is bad but take sec, they have 4 non-con. Yes sec has power up top but the bottom rotates bad teams. Sec play 4 noncon so bad teams can get for week team and hope the bottom can eek out 2 wins. But ku is a good example of firing or run of winning coach’s.

If you look closer you’ll see that they still beat the crud out of Rutgers so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything

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Except that they have the worst record of any power 5 team.

Perhaps, that has something to do with who they schedule? A 55-14 drubbing isn’t a fluke. Besides, all we’re saying is that they both still suck so no big difference in scheduling ku or Rutgers

Over the last 10 years Kansas has 21 total wins. Rutgers has a 49 total wins over the last 10 years. Rutgers has had 7 seasons with a better record than the best season for Kansas in the last 10 years. If that’s the same to you, ok.

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I really can’t believe this is even a conversation really because it’s like arguing over who would be the last kid drafted in kickball when drafting from two completely different playground areas but yes, ku has been awful. They would still beat Rutgers this year though, even with Gleeson as their oc now