Report: College Football Playoff Discussing Expansion to 12 Teams

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A look at what that bracket would’ve looked like in 2020.

Would be fun to watch more teams get the opportunity. Probably will be the same couple of teams winning but there’s always a chance for a big upset. Don’t see OSU getting in anytime soon if it happens unfortunately.


Overall, I’m fine with this. There are some things I like and some things I don’t, but I thinks it’s an improvement over the current 4 team playoff.

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It’s funny when there were 4 teams in ou was not top four, but with 12 they would be a top 4.

If the do what is shown the advantage is to the last 4 teams getting a week off. More rest and less injuries.

Norte Dame carries a lot of influence here. I can’t see ND not getting a bye if they go 12-0 or even 11-1. Last year they were 12-1 and 1-1 vs Clemson, surely they would get a bye.


They probably put a rule in that Notre Dame gets a bye if they finish in the top 4.