Report: Former Four-Star Recruit Dee Anderson Signs with Oklahoma State

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OSU lands a big pass catcher from LSU.

Are y’all sure he just now chose OSU? I swear this was announced way back in January or February. I remember reading posts about it with his highlights.

If he can get in shape and that’s a big if then he might catch 7 to 10 passes all year I bet. Seems like a back up plan because of our two taller receivers transferring. I mean the guy didn’t even play last year because he got suspended for not being in shape.

I don’t think they can announce anything until he graduated… I hope he comes and gets in shape, he could be an asset to us with his height. LSU was loaded with quality receivers last year

Where is C.J. Moore expected to play next year? I missed his transfer announcement.

Last I heard, he was looking at Mississippi St. But that was before the Corona virus shut down the nation.