Report: Jim Knowles Won't Coach in Fiesta Bowl, Set to Make $1.9 Million Annually

Well the players have to account for something. The adjustments are certainly the coach. The question is does Knowles have the a skill at making adjustments that is unique only to him that result in shutting down teams in the second half like we have been doing all year or can others make them as well and what it really comes down to is that our players are really good at executing the adjusted schemes

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Don’t hate the guy. It’s just evident he doesn’t know how to coach any longer. When you’ve been around long enough and other coaches have figure you out, it’s only natural you should change some of your concepts. Not Gundy though!!! You just “Do the same thing we’ve always done”.

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You’re right. I’m sure the players were the ones who made second half adjustments all season long. I’m sure it was the players designing those defensive changes at the half all by themselves that ended up being shutouts for the most part.

Right……tore us up with their 24 and 21 point performances. I guess we should forget that the offense scored a combined 37 points against those two teams.

Joey why do u do it. Read my stuff is well above ur head.
Joey I’ve already made my points.
I even made points of what u will say.
Why r u posting me 3 times and saying nothing.
And yes another lie u do hate gundy. If a guy wins 11 games in football at even level means he did good.
So coming with he is crap is more of ur obsessive bs.

Yes!! We know!! Regular Season Champs. Just pointing out to you that they don’t make trophies for those, and three of those trophies are in Waco while one is all by it’s lonely self in Stillwater.

LOL they sure don’t

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At some time if a program wants to compete continually for championships and win, they’re gonna have to fork out the bucks for successful coaches. And I ain’t talkin about pretty boy Gumby. Unfortunately some dufusses thought I would be good to give him an indefinite contract.

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I am torn, so I looked up Knowles’ stats: 0 unassisted tackles; 0 assisted tackles; 0 TFL; 0 sacks; 0 interceptions; 0 PBUs.

Hey, I would’ve preferred he stayed. But if he wants to go elsewhere – so be it. Good luck, coach. I hope you find all you want. But I’m gonna cheer for the Oklahoma State defense!


Hilarious. I’m with u

And then Holgy left, Monken took over, and our offense just kept humming…

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As far as being able to retain good coaches at Oklahoma State the sad and brutal truth is we will never be able to do it with just more money. Schools like tOSU with double the budgets will always be able to steal our coaches if money is the only factor. So simply forking out the bucks isn’t the answer as you suggest.

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Yep the players had/have a lot to do with Knowles success, lots of upper classmen, super seniors. Lots of experience. Dudes who can execute better than most any team in the country.


There is the outside chance that Knowles wanted to get away before he had to punch someone on the offensive staff…or Gundy!!!

Just kidding mostly, but has to be frustrating as hell for an effective coordinator’s efforts be wasted or even pressured by ineffective ones on the opposite side of the ball. It is a team sport and putting all the pressure on your defense to win you games is tantamount to sending them job hunting. (But, I am certain that Ohio State came calling… lol) Good luck to Coach Knowles and thanks for our time with you, Sir.

I hope your influence stays for seasons to come via a promotion from within… :cowboy_hat_face:

Dude like the offense finally got to rest one year.
Four as mean games the offense “lost” this year is the flip of 2018.
Dnt say it’s first year or any other things. Gundy wasn’t impressed. Told Knowles he had to switch it up.

Knowles is a good coach but not a miracle worker.
Players matter.

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The offense did seem to be ‘resting’… no argument there! :cowboy_hat_face:

Dunn must have been getting vacation pay…


The last promotion from within was a bust. If Gundy is going to hire within again he needs to be ■■■■ sure he’s getting something good.

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Yea we saw how hiring with in bb team worked out.

It was holgy’s offense that monken ran as no really offense you want to be picky Brandon Weeden rss as n the offense as he had said while monken was here so you have that

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Gundy is also over hyped about outside hires too. He basically brought in Yurcich and immediately paid him 400,000 a year to be an OC intern for the first 2 or 3 years. Gundy needs to rely on others for coordinator hires/promotions almost as much as he does picking the quarterback starters!! (Reid over Robinson, Cates over Weeden, Sanders over… anybody that won’t throw more pics than interceptions!!)

My only reason for preference of promotion from within Knowles system is continuation of Knowles system. An outside hire will want to implement their own system.