Report: Rutgers Hiring OSU's Sean Gleeson to Three-Year Deal as its Next OC

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OSU’s second OC search in as many years is on.

Fingers crossed for Graham Harrell or Todd Monken

I expect OSU will name Kasey Dunn OC before the end of today.

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It’s going to be Kasey Dunn. Dunn had an OC job at UNLV then coincidentally Gleeson is rumored to be going to Rutgers and all of a sudden Dunn has a new contract and is staying. I’d say Gleeson told Gundy he was going back home to New Jersey and Gundy told Dunn the OC job was his if he’d stay.


If he wasn’t the best option last year, why would you settle this year?

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Monken and Dunn Co-OCs!

I would love to see Monken return but I think if Dunn is passed over a second time for OC he will jump ship. The best outcome which would require another miracle would be to get Monken and make Dunn co-OC with other duties as receivers coach. Win-win. But I am not sure that a personality like Monken would share duties with anyone. But we need an OC who is going to look at Gundy and tell him that his old playbook is going to get a long overdue rewrite. I still would like to find out whose idea was it to use Spencer Sanders as a runner in the bowl game? Even if it was Gleeson’s idea, Gundy should have vetoed it. Get someone as OC who can make some sweeping changes. Out with the old and in with the new. Perfect time for that to happen in Stillwater.


Sweeping change happens with HC change. Monken for head coach, Dunn for OC

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I agree. It doesn’t take a detective to come to that conclusion. The clues were all there in plain view. I think this will be good with Dunn except for one little detail. Dunn has been with Gundy for so long which means it is likely that the old, dog eared playbook remains as the Bible. I think Gleeson himself urged Dunn to hold off on UNLV for just a little while until Rutgers became a sure thing. Dunn was not going to settle for a contract extension with OSU when he clearly wanted to be OC if he stayed. If Arroyo was smart he would dump the go nowhere UNLV gig and jump at the chance to come back to OSU to be co-OC with Dunn.

Under Gundy? I’d take my chances with UNLV.

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The only way I see Monken coming back is if Gundy goes to Dallas. :flushed:

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I know it looks like Dunn is the obvious choice, but it may not be that simple. Gundy has made it clear from previous hirings that he prefers the OC to also be the QB coach because it helps the QB have more of a grasp of the gameplan, ect. Might see Dunn take on that role instead of WR? Or, with all of the stuff that came out on Monken this week I don’t see him lasting in Cleveland much longer so I would definitely put his name in the hat as well. Not sure we can afford him though.

You do realize they are still very good friends. Also, it sounds like Monken’s son is probably going to go to school at OSU next year.

Monken as OC and Dunn keeps his assistant head coach title and is also named passing game coordinator. Monken stays one year (maybe two) and then Dunn takes OC.

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Monken as OC one year (maybe two) then Gundy retires and Monken becomes HC, and then Dunn takes OC.

There, FTFY…

Thanks Jeremy but my statement didn’t need fixing…

I agree with all of you who say ‘Dunn’. Hopefully it means Gundy stays the heck out of the way when it comes to the play calling. Probably why Gleeson left, Mike’s ego didn’t allow him to do what he wanted…which is why we had another disappointing season and didn’t help our young QB out enough.

You’re the only person who would elect to come work for Gumby again instead of taking a HC position, LOOOOOL. As if a move back to work as an assistant will take his career where he wants to go.

That would be wonderful.