Revisionist History: Let's Look at Overhyped Preseason Teams

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Only 11 Preseason Top 25 teams remain ranked.

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Portal has a lil to do with this. But, super seniors could have alot. Some of those teams having a had time lost alot due to the draft. Like us retaining a lot of defensive guys.

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Nice article.

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Wake Forest is the best team in the country.

Like Indiana was last year

I never said Indiana was the best team in the country last year.

Like it matters

Remember when the Pac 12 was too good to want Ok State, Baylor, TCU and Tech?


Great article!! This is why I had to laugh at the preseason polls. Sure hope our Pokes find a way to win Saturday.

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When the Powerhouse Texas team gets to the SEC… Will they ever make the preseason polls again?

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We also know ESecPN pushes the rankings to the public. It’s easy to see how they rank Baylor below aTm and Auburn.

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There is a valid and objective reason as to why, so called, Division 1 college football “National Champions” are referred as “Mythical National Champions (MNC)” . . . it is because they are chosen by voters, with recruiting stars and the “eye test” as the Key Performance Indicators, rather than the results on the field. When you have one football team force it’s dominance on another, on the field of play, that should count the most, not recruiting stars, eye tests, and ESPN talking heads, and TV money.