RIP to Eddie Sutton, Our Legend

Terrible news today. I hate that for coach and his family. He will be missed. Thank you Coach.


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Sucks majorly, but at least he got to know he got into the Hall.



F*ck, this sucks

My heart hurts. Just glad he got to get the news of his hall of fame induction. RIP to a man who had his demons, but was by all accounts a great man. What he did for our university will always be remembered.

So sad, he was my childhood hero. I had my sister paint his signature on my wall in the house I grew up in, and it’s still there today.


It was tough seeing him the past several years, but I like to think he was at peace with getting into the HOF and completed one last chapter. Great man who did great things for the university and touched the lives of so many people. :goat:


RIP to an absolute legend.


Oh wow. It just doesn’t seem right that he’s gone…
I grew up hearing stories about him and his OSU teams, and it was always awesome to see him a the games. RIP to a legend

RIP coach. Glad your getting to hang with Patsy again.

Man his teams were a joy to watch.

His teams were the best to watch.


This is far from the most important thing right now, but f*ck every single person involved in the selection process for the Naismith HOF. Their pettiness and spite deprived Eddie for years of the recognition across his sport that he so clearly and rightfully deserved. It made me so happy that he finally got that moment this year, but tonight I’m so upset that Eddie will never get the moment at the HOF induction ceremony where he would’ve gotten to be the center of attention in front of his peers and the entire sport of basketball, if even for just a few minutes in the midst of the entire ceremony. Eddie got that stolen from him and even though he’ll be enshrined in the Hall, he won’t get his center stage moment, and that just really, really saddens me. Every single time he got wrongfully rejected, he was the bigger man and didn’t raise hell against the Hall even though he would’ve been 100% justified in doing so. Every time he turned the other cheek, they just kept on hitting him relentlessly and mercilessly, but I think it’s a testament to the kind of person that Eddie was that he and his family always took the high road even in the face of that horribly unfair treatment. I hope that whenever his induction finally happens that Scott, Sean, and Steve and all of their children are able to fully enjoy Eddie finally receiving the recognition and praise they’ve been waiting years for.

Also, I’m honestly just really happy he’s back with Patsy.


My God. BPS is fucking ghoulish. 4 minutes ago? ‘RIP Goat’ with a slideshow. Fine. I can respect that. Just now? Retweeting a link to his own fucking Tweet from April shilling a shirt he made for Eddie’s Hall induction. Eddie hasn’t been gone for even 12 hours and he’s exploiting his memory?

Worthless fucking parasite.

That is monstrous behavior. I’m sorry for the f-bombs and will take a ban/timeout if I have to, but those are the only words strong enough to explain it. I am livid and so should you be.


I have two sports related memories that are top 5 childhood/teenage memories of any type. One is Arnold Palmer running over my foot in a golf cart at the PGA in Southern Hills and the other is Coach Sutton taking the time after a game to sign my and my best friend’s programs after a home win.

Eddie was almost a religious figure with my group of friends…I was the only life long Cowboy but everyone loved Coach Sutton. I knew this day would come sooner or later but I was still poleaxed by the news today. Feel sorry that he’s gone, feel blessed that he was one of ours, and feel happy that he got into the HOF and was honored before he passed away.


My favorite memory is that Eddie didn’t think the basketball team was tough enough so borrowed football equipment.


Need some of your favorite Eddie games. I know 95 and 04 had great games; that I’ll watch on the Tube. But what’s your favorite game? Just looking to reflect on the life of a great man

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Just got real dusty around here.


If you have an hour or so, this is amazing. Eddie in his own words


And Kentucky fans. Some of their comments last night were beyond despicable. It made me so mad.

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