Rodarius Williams Announces Return for Senior Season

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One more reason to be excited about 2020.

We’re we thinking he was going to leave? I thought you only left early if you knew you would get drafted

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Preach on Patrick! Wasn’t even All Big 12, no draft potential there

He’d be a day 3 draft pick if he went pro. He’s got prototype size, good blood-lines, plays in the most pass-happy conference in the country and gets picked on because he has a day 2 draft pick on the other side of the field.

But he couldn’t even get honorable mention all-big 12. That’s approximately 15 DBs in the big 12 people thought were better (and we all know how amazing big 12 D is…although I think OSU and Baylor are changing that).

Glad to see this kid coming back…he needs another year.