Rodriguez Becomes First OSU Linebacker since 1981 to Earn All-America Honors

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OSU has had an All-American for five straight seasons.

Great job.
And he chose us over WY.

With as much as our defense has to carry the load this season. They should all be All-Americans.

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I’m sure everybody who knows ur mom believe the same for her.

My mom (bless her rested soul) could out-coach Gundy.

Malcomb, congratulations. I remember a 5’11" 190lb 3* recruit, projected to be a safety, coming to Stillwater and leaving as an AA linebacker! A NFL longshot doesn’t make a squad might be a good GA in Stilly.

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Should be first-team!

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According to Robert, it just had to be Malcom that did it all himself. I guess Knowles didn’t teach him a thing at the LB position.

I know Knowles did recruit him.
I definitely know Knowles wasn’t Malcolm’s lift buddy.
And really it was the virus that got malcolm the aa.
So how about those apples.

Oh really?? How so??

R u going to let me say it. U had to ask this question.
No virus no extra year. God u were attacked by a dumb tree when u were young.

Oh!!! So now you want to discredit Malcom Rodriguez and make any excuse possible to not give any of the players or other coaches any credit?

Okay, in that case Gundy had an extra year with some of his lineman. His offense still sucks chit.

Joey u have never want any of these players. Malcolm was recruited by us and wy. Dnt tell me u were or would be thrilled. Because what’s ur favorite comment " the guy is way over a hundred at his position.
I happy with all the cowboys. It’s u I dnt like.
Grow up stop wish for unicorns and waiting for 6 and 6 seasons.

And what have I always said? “If the guy is good, and can prove it on the field then let him play”.

You seem to forget to mention that part though. Then again it’s whatever fits Robert’s agenda. I’ve always said that 4 & 5 start recruits a majority of the time end up playing more and getting drafted more.

That’s not just some BS I made up. That is an actual fact. I’m glad for Malcom though. Kid probably worked hard everyday. What’s sad, is that in your eyes, he only made it because he got an extra year. Thanks for discrediting the players. You can go back to your “protect Gundy at all costs” tantrums now.

In ur plans u won’t find out if he is any good. So stop ur crap. U have all ready said it this year about a recruit.
Unlike the rest of us we talk about the team being great any time. U only find the need to recognize a player or coach if the media does.

Yes!!! We talk about the team. While criticizing the coach that can’t make a solid plan to get his team to win a championship.

Here are some points u fail at everytime.
U dnt support players who are not 4 stars. To talk about how great malcolm is is on to the coaches for bring him in. Simple
U do not criticize gundy. U repeat ur misjudged rants like u breathe. To much and to often. Stop hyperventilating

Do I not support Brennan Presley or Jaylen Warren? If you can play, then hopefully Gundy is smart enough to keep you on the field.

What’s that? Jim Knowles defense “didn’t do their job” while at the same time you praise Gundy for bringing him in? That sounds pretty hypocritical. Which one is it Robert?

So 2 players. Out of 150 minus the few 4 stars.
Yes u stand well behind this team.
I only say stuff against Knowles so guys like can keep things realistic. Just like u dnt understand what part the virus did to help malcolm become an All-America. then alas u think Knowles is Dumbledore and ur Harry going to magical make this University a blue blood.

I’ve said it from the get go. If you want quality depth you need to recruit better players. That’s nothing against the current players. All I can say is get better. The virus isn’t Malcom or Knowles fault.

You’re just trying to find any excuse you can to discredit the best unit and players on the field. Why is that? Because Gundy has nothing to do with that side of the ball (like he admitted).

It’s the old Roberto philosophy of “If Gundy doesn’t get praise for it. Make sure to discredit it”. The only praise Gundy has gotten on behalf of the defense is the fact that he hired Knowles.

You absolutely can’t stand that fact!!! So you try to blame the defense for the Iowa State and Baylor game. Despite the fact, that the defense, played well enough in both of those games for Gundy and Dunn’s offense to win it. When everyone else knows that Gundy and Dunn “didn’t do their jobs”.