Roster Update: Newcomers Get Jersey Numbers, Stribling Makes Switch

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Stribling is doing the reverse Dez.

It’s interesting that we have a 6’0” 210 middle linebacker and a 6’4” 230 Safety

Any chance he is moved to Linebacker???

Kendal Daniels that is.


I’d bet he’s moved up to LB. He was playing a step slower last year vs. his freshman year (imo) and if he’s now 230, I doubt that’s a step he’s regained. I imagine he’ll step into Oliver’s 1st and 2nd down LB slot then shift to the middle for nickle or dime packages when you bring CO in as a pash rusher.

Was he slower before playing injured? Or was his slowness due to injury?

What injury did he have?

I might’ve missed the announcement – although not sure HOW given how closely I monitor – but sure am glad to see Kody Walterscheid on the spring roster. I think Walterscheid was one of the more unheralded – but really good – players for us last year.