Rylan McQuarters, Son of R.W. McQuarters, on Cowboys' Spring Roster

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It’s time to look at R.W. highlights.

I was wondering if we could push him to a running back. More need there and seem to have vision.

I was wondering if we could give him some Height Growth Maximizer and add about 150 pounds of muscle to his frame so he could play on the offensive line. Seems to be more need there.

Hero of 1997 Bedlam in Norman as well. RW catching TD’s and OU fans leaving early. Oh what fun memories.

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Looks like he will be given a chance on special teams for returns. Too short to be receiver at this level of play.

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Those are his hs stats. Neo had at 5’9" and 175.
But u can cry about it.
But the way ksu has a guy small doing a nice job

Put him at QB

KSU has also went 4-6 and 8-5. Not exactly championship caliber at the moment.

Joey everything can be argued, doesn’t mean u need to.
Their qb play had more to do with their loses. But nice try.

How many yards did he have against OSU? 13 carries for 22 yards?

I thought I was unfair to use are defense line when comparing qb. Your such a hypocrite.
I know he had a touch down.

Wow!!! A whole touchdown you say?

What every Joey he had more yards then our back. Isn’t that important that’s how u did with the oline.

When Vaughn is all you have then he’s naturally going to get the ball more.

Say what u want the had another small back a few years ago that was a pro for years. The isu back wasn’t the big either.

If he can stay dialed in he will be a difference maker on kickoff and punt return units. Mark it down.

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Same height as the Presley brothers…they are pretty darn good.

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