Sam Houston Offensive Line Transfer Prince Pines Commits to Oklahoma State

It’s funny how his success started around the same time as the football teams beginning success . Hmmm

You just contradict yourself over and over, and don’t even realize it. You’re like a walking punchline fate pulled on your poor mother.

Go educate yourself before you talk about Drew’s early years:

How about dumping Tyrek Hill. You can’t deny Gundy runs a clean program.

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It’s funny to me how you’re trying to give Boynton chit for his first 5 years when Scott Drew went through the same struggles in the same time frame. I’ve had 17 years to observe both Drew and Gundy. I’ve also stated if Boynton doesn’t do better next year then consider sending him on his way. Do you happen to read anything I put on this forum?

So now we’re gonna compare cowboy basketball history to cowboy football history… Good luck bub

Six years and one season where he had a winning conference record.

I’m comparing Scot Drew to Mike Gundy. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just simply stating that Drew and Boynton are both similar in the first 5 seasons of running a program. Scott Drew has been at Baylor for 19 seasons. I would expect him to turn Baylor into a conference and national contender and champion. Unfortunately, I’ve been waiting for Gundy to do that for 17 seasons (now going on 18).

Yeah, he was also under crippling sanctions.

Yep!!! And lets just act like Boynton wasn’t given scholarship reductions.

Can’t even compare the two. At least read the article before saying uninformed gibberish since you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

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I did read the article.

Feeling a bit better about the offensive line. Just wish all these guys were in spring practice to be able to get in sync for next season. Have a feeling there may be some growing pains on the line. My next concern is will our O.C. be prepared to include the hurry up or air raid to avoid game situations like Baylor last year.

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Most people don’t put any stock in what you spew…


We know you can’t read, joe.

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It’s been that way every since Wickline took off.

I know how to read. I just don’t make excuses.

How much stock are you going to buy in Gundy winning a second conference title?

You’re making excuses for Boynton literally right now.

Yo-1 curly and mo, what’s the reason gundy has 1 big twelve championship in 18 years and no O-line in over 10 years?

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What’s the reason we only had one in 60 + years?