SBNation Article on Montverde

I want to give a few disclaimers before I say what I’m going to say:

1.) I am ecstatic at the prospect of getting more recruits in the future like Cade, of course.
2.) I understand that a lot of this amounts to “being a business”, and apathy concerning that aspect kicks in.

This article talks about a high school team being a “powerhouse”. You hear that increasingly referring to high school-level teams, and even more specifically to “diploma mills”.

Montverde might fit that bill…IMG Academy (notorious)…maybe Oak Hill Academy…Huntington Prep is an “up and comer”. It has always irked me that IMG Academy seems like some shadily run “school” that is strictly intent on making a name for itself by putting guys in the NBA. The Laurinburg Institute is another example. This is where Memphis got some players when Calipari was the coach. They seem to have fallen off the radar, why I don’t know.

Add to it that guys leave their home states for a year or two just to play at these schools to sharpen their craft (and increase their ranking on 247 or Rivals?). They ain’t exactly going to these schools to increase their odds of getting into Yale or Harvard…

This post doesn’t really have a specific aim to it, other than to simply discuss the nature of these schools. Are they legit or not, aside from their state accreditation board legitimizing them, in the sense that they are SCHOOLS, first and foremost, and athletic institutions second?

Keep in mind that in the end, I don’t necessarily care. I want these guys (and gals) to succeed in whatever they are good at. The ever-increasing glamorization of high school athletes irks me a bit, though. It really kicked into high gear with Lebron (existed before him, but he amplified it).


I think you have a valid point here. Those high schools aren’t based around academics - it’s all athletics. It seems shady as hell sometimes (IMG in particular rankles me) and skirts dangerously close to those for-profit universities that I hate more than the Sooners. Yes, that much.

THAT being said…if we have to use those places to play the game, let’s play that game.

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Yeah, IMG is a really unusual one. You hear about how they have guys whose hometowns are not Bradenton, Florida.

I think “schools” like this are very bad, unless we build a pipeline and start getting a bunch of Montverde players, then they are great opportunities for outstanding young players to better themselves. /s



Look, make no mistake that I’m happy with getting Cade. I guess I’m criticizing the game, not the players.


I’m definitely understanding that college isn’t for everyone.
You need a solid high school education at least though.

Yeah, in all seriousness I completely agree. These types of “schools”, in both basketball and football, just seem really shady. I really hope the players that go there still get a full education and everything and aren’t just used by the school for their talent and the hype that surrounds them, but I’m dubious.

So you’re a Grand Canyon University-hater? It annoys me that Arizona State refuses to schedule them for any athletic events. Oklahoma State comes out to play baseball and schedules them both. Yet, ASU won’t do it.


In getting my MS (at our beloved OSU!), I had a class that spent three weeks discussing for-profit higher ed institutions in the context of higher ed as a whole. Those ‘universities’ are f’ing parasites that drain the life and finances of people looking for a better life. I am not in any way a bleeding heart or anything like that, but what those places do to exploit desperate people wanting a path out of poverty or to improve their lives is legitimately evil, in my book.


LOL. Who represented the for-profit university model in that discussion?

I’m a bleeding heart! :neutral_face:

But I agree. University of Phoenix…Strayer…Antonelli…Sullivan…I despise those places with a passion. And they prey on people who don’t necessarily have a lot of money in the first place (that’s the part that really chaps me).

And even if a person gets a degree from any of those places, they aren’t really accepted as “legitimate”, for the most part. Maybe they’ll get a clerical job or whatever, fine.

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University of Phoenix, Kaplan, Argosy, Capella, DeVry…all the heavy-hitters.

What they do is the opposite of what you’d expect. Instead of it being an easy ride to churn out diplomas, they make their classes as difficult as possible. Since the people taking the classes pay per credit hour and each class is 3 credits, the ‘universities’ can essentially force people (who can only afford it through loans) into failing and retaking classes three or four times until they pass the course, while of course making money off of them each time. So, instead of a two-year program, the students essentially take a four-year program just because of the artificially-inflated class difficulty. And, like Chimp said, since the vast majority of the student population is fairly financially-deficient, it hurts their lives in more than just a crappy education.

As an educator and someone who (despite my prickly nature here on the site) passionately cares about my students and helping them learn and make their lives better…those places make me furious. I mean it sincerely when I say that, if I were President, one of my first acts would be to shut them down.

Sometimes on this site, I get worked up and angry about little things that don’t matter and oftentimes, it’s an act. This, though? No act.



Only I can do that. /s


Yeah, my fault. I’ll drop this one. :slight_smile:

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So… any flat earthers out there?



Alright I have to ask, do you live in the N Scottsdale area? Wife and I stayed at Civana up in Carefree last week, Sunday morning we went to Butters on Northsight for breakfast. As we were leaving I noticed a gentleman about my age to be kind let’s call it, 50’s, in an orange Cowboy hooded sweater. The guy was eating and the last thing I’m going to do is interrupt someone in the middle of breakfast. Just thought I’d ask.

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My dad winters out there. I’ve eaten at that butters many times.


We go whenever we’re there, last week was a mess due to the auctions now with golf and spring training it’s best to stay clear. We also found a great place to eat, it’s off Hayden, Grassroots, it’s comfort food with a southern twist, it’s also a tap house. Highly recommend

Tremendous food in the Phoenix metro. If it wasn’t so grossly hot in the summer, I’d consider retiring there.

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Nope, not me. But if you see Cowboy gear in Chandler or Gilbert… could be me.