Scott: Five Predictions for Oklahoma State Athletics in 2020

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Hoops to the tourney and Sanders gets some hardware.

Can someone show me some factual reasons why OSU would make it to the NCAA tourney this season, other than school spirit is a legit reason? I just have not seen the talent so far. And Roessink does not seem ready to be on the court yet. I think he will be pretty good in a few years but now he looks like a project in the making like some previous tall guys we have had in the past who started out barely able to hold onto the ball and then in a few years they shined.
I too foresee Sanders as QB taking a quantum leap next season. But my crystal ball is empty when it comes to seeing a star running back. That is my biggest concern for the season. So far Boynton’s comments before this season about our freshmen coming in and thinking they are going to set the league on fire is just not going to happen. He has been absolutely correct about that. So we have some good seniors, one very good player on the team but no greatness about this team. That is why I see NIT at the end of the season. That is acceptable considering that next season should be different as Cade Cunningham will make everyone look better. It is also time to borrow a page from Eddie Sutton when he had his guys put on the protective gear to learn how to be more physical in rebounding.