Season ticket block selection

So I got the email today about my date and time for selecting season tickets based on the new blocks they created. Does anyone understand how that works? I looked at it but it doesn’t really make any sense to me about how I select which seat block I want. I know my time is not open for another five days or so but it still seems a little foggy.

What does the box look like?

Whoops. Meant blocks. Just spaced out blocks of 2-4 seats. The main question I have is if I end up picking a seat that’s available on my time that’s more expensive than my current season tickets do I pay more? I guess I figured I would but there’s no mention of it in the FAQs.

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I would assume you would pay the difference since you can receive a refund for the difference if you choose a cheaper seat location. I am not sure though, I was wondering the same thing this morning.

I was curious about that too. My time is in the middle of the day and it’ll be hard to call in so I was hoping I’d be able to select my seats online. It wouldn’t let me actually select a seat just view the options

What day do you all get to pick?

My dad got selected for Monday at 9:30am. What time for y’all?

Sat 10:30

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Monday 9:00

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My time is 2:30 on Tuesday. I would assume it is the last time slot to open up as this is my first year purchasing season tickets.

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I’m Tuesday at 12:30

I guess we’ll see what’s left then.

I’m Tuesday at 11 but my normal seat selection isn’t one most want so I’m hopeful

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I am still a student, and all-sports passes go on sale the 3rd at 8am. I am curious how they are going to do handicap seating. That’s where my parents sit and they can’t seem to find a solid answer to that.


Has anyone who opted in not received an email?

I got Tuesday at 9:30 and I’ve been a Season Ticket holder for over 10 years… Doesnt make sense to me

My friends who have been season ticket holders for six years haven’t received an email yet even though they opted in.

For what it’s worth, our family has had season tickets on my dad’s account for 25+ years and we are like 3rd in line just in this small thread.


I guess we need to buy some $25K parking spots or something to bump us up… /s