SEC Votes 14-0 to Extend Invites to Oklahoma, Texas

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It was unanimous.

Some of you people have some crow to eat. This was going thru, at a 13-1 vote AT WORST. Organizations, especially the highly successful ones, do business this way. You get your people together behind closed doors. Air your grievances. Then come out with a United front.

Ive only seen one person say they would have more schools vote against on here?

“We want to be the only team from Texas in the SEC.” Proceeds to vote another team from Texas into the SEC lol.

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Oh there’s been more than one. It’s not been a ton, but Robert isn’t the only doofus that’s clueless.

Oh yea it was a no brainer they’d be voted in with ease

Here’s a question. You’re King for a Day. You get to choose the OSU landing spot. OU & Texas are in the SEC. Everything else is as it currently stands. Where do you put the Cowboys & why?

As it currently stands the pipe dream would be for OSU to somehow get an invite to SEC (which won’t happen). I honestly would like to see them go west but I’d rather the pac 12 pick up Houston over tech if they only want to add two teams

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See……now we’re friends again. You posted a right answer. SEC would be best. Who knows what kind of success OU, Texas & possibly OSU would have. I’m an OU fan at heart, but I’m fully aware of the possibility of a 7-5 coming my way. But it’s going to be extremely fun to watch. I’d personally love for OSU to be in the ACC. I just think they’d step in and instantly be no worse than #3 in that Conf. And if they played this year, they’d be #2 behind Clemson. FSU isn’t anything right now.

I just don’t like the USC, UCLA Cali culture out that way. Lots of liberal ideas out there that don’t seem like a great fit for the Cowboys

U are an idiot I was saying what those should have been voting.
What I can understand is why a&m voted for it. It’s no sweet off bevo balls going in at 13 to 1.
U thinking u proved something is pathetic wannabe rite bs u see from loser ou fans.

Definitely agree with this , unfortunately I think we’ll have that problem no matter what conference outside of SEC

You said A&M was a no. Mizzou was a no. Tiptoed around Mississippi schools being a no. I’ll give you a little credit in that you did start to backpedal pretty quickly.

But for you saying that they SHOULDVE voted no……still shows how much of a doofus you are.

As for why A&M voted for it, BECAUSE IT STRENGTHENS YOUR CONF. The A.D was the one initially spoke out of pocket, but the B.O.R are the ones who obviously said “hey little man, we’re voting Yes because it’ll make this Conf more attractive and deepen these pockets homeboy”

I will say one fear I have though is they try to keep the big 12 together by adding irrelevant programs and we become a group of 5 conference

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I think the Big 12 is group of 5 no matter what unless you pull other power 5 schools back into the conference. I think we have better odds of getting into the SEC than pulling power 5 schools back into the Big 12. It’s pretty much zero chance either way though.


Ur an idiot. A&m could have and should have voted no. To tell their fans “we stood up to texas”. It wouldn’t have changed anything. So like ou fan the board of reg. At a&m r chit.
I hope u get all the loses u deserve. As for us we’re all happy it passed. First time we will get something from ou.

I’m with ya we better just pray we get picked up by the pac 12 honestly

That and the fact that there are a lot of liberal ideas in Stillwater too…

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Vote no on adding two MAJOR PROGRAMS to your Conf…….simply so you can say “we stood up to Texaa”:joy::joy::joy::joy:. If that’s not an ignorant little brothers logic, then I don’t know what is.

Thank goodness people that think like you aren’t running the country. Wed be nuking people and burning the places down just to talk tough. Who cares!!

You Robert, are a poster that absolutely brings joy to my day. The endless dumbassery that you spew is the crown jewel of this forum