Signing day

So far we’ve got cc transfers LB Lamont bishop & qb Ethan bullock

That’s all it’s going to be that I know of other than Muhammad. That would leave two slots for Holmes and another transfer.

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So, you really think we’re bringing in the wr? I’m kind of surprised given the suspension for being out of shape unless you know of some outside reason that factored into that like an injury or something?

Looks like TCU will have 5 four stars. I guess it doesn’t matter if half never make the field with Gundy.

Not necessarily him, but I do think they’ll bring in somebody.

We know you think Gundy sucks. Bring a fresh take.

Yes. I think we bring in the LSU WR and Mizz CB. Possibly one other transfer CB.



I believe some can be attached to the upcoming class. But a little nugget is one transfer is considering “walking on” if a Scholly isn’t available. Nothing concrete yet.

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