Singles thread

To counter-balance the sweetness and love of the parents thread, let’s reverse. How do the rest of you that are on the long, slow march to the grave stag-style do up life?

  1. Got my doctorate and now I adjunct as a professor (for now)
  2. Scotch and beer
  3. Video games
  4. Attempt to write (more) books that people will want to read
  5. Irrational obsession with OSU sports
  6. Look at dating apps, browse through options, slowly put the phone away, use Point 2 to facilitate sleep and crying. Sometimes in that order.

I do a lot of pushups


You must not have heard, but the “Dad bod” is the “in” thing and muscles are out.


I figured I was doing something wrong

If I could just go back to college, I would be BMOC on my body alone. :joy:

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Dad bod only works on women who are ready to be moms and/or already are. Coeds are…not so interested, at least from the impression that I get when they interact with dudes in class.

Actually, viewing college relationships from an objective POV is fascinating in a ‘oh, there’s a fire waiting to start’ kind of way.

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Way to kill my revisionist dreams.


Ah, so you, then?

I’m the teacher. Not a chance in Hell (because I’m not That Teacher and that age is honestly more annoying than attractive…because I’m old).



I thought this said shingles so I came to see if @dmgrantham had posted




Did meet my wife online.

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My advice (and I utilized a lot when I was single) is to ditch that online stuff. Just go to places you like. Talk to random people. Strike up conversations. Listen in on some and chime in, in a respectful manner, if you feel so compelled to do so.

When I was living in Cincinnati, I used online tools for my first 2-3 years. But as I met people and actually went out more often, I stopped using that stuff and started going to bars where I knew I’d meet “like-minded” people. Now, to be fair, I had the luxury of living in one of Cincy’s more “up and coming, hip” neighborhoods, so it attracted a ton of cool people on a nightly basis. So much so that there were nights where I didn’t need to have an “entourage”. I could just go out by myself and make new friends on the fly.

Bottom line, it’s all about taking that first step off the ledge.

1 Like is an utter waste of time and money. That I do know from experience.

I hate this mindset of how being single is a slow march to the grave, enjoy your life without having to worry about someone else emotions and life with every decision you make.

After my girlfriend broke up with me that I met at OSU, I decided to move back home to California…San Diego specifically, best decision I have made the past few years. You won’t ever complain about being single when your are constantly surrounded by more quantity and quality of woman than you’ll ever find in Oklahoma and Texas. You can be on the beach in December, find a bar with a DJ on a Monday if it was an awful day, drive 20 minutes to Tijuana for the cheapest tacos and beer of your life.


Met me ex fiancé on tinder lol now it wasn’t your traditional tinder lol we actually knew of each other through the livestock world and had a lot of mutual friends and had seen each other in public before lol. Broke up with me the day before I went to put the final payment on a custom engagement ring that had my grandmothers diamond in it :joy:. Don’t worry my wife is 10x the women she would have even been. My wife and I met actually when I was the lowest in my life I’d ever been my senior year at OSU. We reconnected on FB 7 months later. I have several friends that met their wives on some type of dating app. But usually it’s a waste of time. The girls that are actually worth it aren’t in the mind of looking. They are in the mind of seeing what finds them. Trust me I was the king of dating apps lol. I vowed to be single for a year and focus on me for once and was the happiest I’d ever been in life and that’s when I found my wife

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I have a friend at work who met his girlfriend playing WOW online. She was from Maryland and ended up moving her and her daughter to Oklahoma to be with him 4 years ago. He’d never dated or anything before her their love of video games brought them together. They are practically married now

Big Nope

Big Yep


Yeah, the problem with Match was that it’s basically an online meat market. It became an “online bar”, basically. You’re still judging people by how they look, and even how much they make. Most women were okay on the income aspect, but I remember one woman, in particular, that wouldn’t accept anyone making less than $100,000, and claimed that she wanted someone as successful as her (which was BS, she wasn’t successful). I sent her a not-very-friendly message and was proud of it.

But overall, I get you. Match can be a piece of crap. But you can get lucky here and there. Maybe change some of your search parameters. Increase the distance you’re willing to travel a little more. Increase age limit. It might work.

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