Six-foot-nine OL Transfer from Kent State Has OSU in Final Two

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This would be massive for OSU.

More the merry

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Deon will get him if he wants him

Not a betting man, but if I was here’s where I put my money

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Same, Deion is Deion, saw where Tahe McCoy from Putnam went there, I thought he was a cowboy for sure

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Deion annoys me.

Going to the rockies with prime time can catch a few young kids.

Hope a older tranfer is looking for more then bling

He also got that reciever convert to lb out ardmore,i think, pearson , i think. Lol

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Saw that. Deion only a coach at CU for a week and steaks one from us. I don’t like our chances with this kid.

That bling will wear thin soon. I’ve never liked him since the Dez deal

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Three things about Deion and Colorado:

  1. If you go play for Deion, understand your coach is going to be the story, not you;
  2. Not a lot of oxygen in Boulder for a 6’9’, 320 lb’er;
  3. Colorado sucks.

Tell it like it is brother!! LOL!


A side bar matchup between “I’m 40, I’m a Man” Gundy vs “Prime Time” is a recruiting battle. Culture vs Showtime! This would be a huge win for Mike.