Six Things to Know about Freshmen Twins Bryson, Blaine Green

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For starters: They were born on the same day.

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I hope they get their four games in .It’s always tough to find playing time as a true freshman in the receiver they have a lot of upside to them.They should do well.

I just hope they don’t get benched for scoring a touchdown, and Gundy keeps them in the game if they keep doing good things.

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They will play day one. They won’t be here 4 years. Amazing talent and size.

Yea they got a Chance for good playing time.

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Stop repeating urself rainmain. At least think of new crap each post not the same wrong ideas ever time.

You said “Rainman” you made a funny!:slight_smile:

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Has there been anything said if Kendal Daniels yet? I think that was his name he was the 4 star safety from Beggs that committed really late.

I have not heard anyone say a thing about him.

How many sets of twins have we had at OSU?