So, Oklahoma State Actually Has Two Scholarships to Give

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OSU could have 14 scholarship players next season.

Not really new news

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Ej uno. Go get him
Sure played in nail.
Two time all american
Played on a natty team.
Defensive player of the year.
16 points 8 rebound.
One year deal.

I look at those 2 transfers and just shake my head wondering how Boynton could settle for those guys. I am convinced nothing will change without a legit big man center. Look where OSU went when they had Big Country.

Most of Eddie’s teams didn’t have “Big Country”. How do you explain the 2004 Final Four with a 6’8” I-Mac at center? Or the multiple tourney runs over his career without a true center? Face it, a great center helps a ton, but if you don’t have one, it’s not going to severely limit the team if you can work your way around it.

Well Eddie had very athletic player. I can’t name all the guys Pittman and roblich or something like that.
We had Eddie too
Did I say we had Eddie.

Yep. Sure did. Haha!