Social Media (Including Dickie V) Reacts to Bryce Thompson's OSU Commitment

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Take a scroll through social media from Thursday.

Two 5-stars and eight 4-stars. In less than 2 years. And that’s WITH the NCAA ban not rescinded yet. And AFTER kicking 3 guys off a couple years ago. With NO full GIA last year. Guys and gals, Mike Boynton is on another level. And he’s just getting started. Buy your stock in the Pokes and Coach Mike now if you haven’t already. I bought mine the day I saw tears rolling down his cheeks at his introductory press conference. I knew then he would do whatever it took to build this program back up the right way, without sacrificing character or wins.


I’m all for Boynton as well, but your timeline is a bit off. He has signed those kids since 2018, so that includes 2019, 2020 and now 2021, so it’s 4 recruiting classes.

Thank you for the correction. Figured my timeline was off a tick.

So now its down to boynton and his coaching

A 10-6 record against top 25 teams last season, and played for the conferency tourney title, and win Bedlam both times, and 21-9 record ending the season against an Oregon State team that became red hot and got to the Elite Eight.

I would say his coaching got a little better throughout the season. We shall wait and see what happens next season though.

All you are focusing on is results. Do you have children?

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Of course I do. I’m focusing on result because Boynton is expected to meet a standard for the job he currently has (just as every job expects someone to meet a certain standard).

What is the standard for OSU basketball? Is it being competitive and making the tournament? If that’s the case then Boynton has met that expectation this last season. If he doesn’t in the future then consider a new coach.

@joe15 Your view on the game I love is very very limited. Your view on coaching/recruiting is tragic.

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It doesn’t matter what you think. What matters that you bring me some kind of credible evidence to prove otherwise. Otherwise, you’ll just be in the same boat as Robert. Arguing until the cows come home because of your refusal to provide a source.

What r u talking about. U rattle off some stats the say I told u so. U never are in reality.

Last time I checked stats are a reality. I don’t make them up. They are recorded because they actually happened. Don’t get upset with me. Get upset with the stat keepers.

I now what and the importance of stats. Do u.

Oh you do? Will you elaborate for us?