Some Thoughts on Recruiting, Mike Gundy's Best Players and #Math

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A deep dive into OSU’s All-Big 12 guys.

Life jacket not required. Sorry had to lol

This just makes me even more OSU Sports depressed. I’d take two 4-8 years with a big 12 title the third year over 3 straight 10-3 seasons and Alamo/camping world bowl victory 100 times out of 100.

I wish Gundy & staff and holder and such felt more pressure on this.

Is there anyone at OSU that fans can contact and ask these questions?

aaaand as I speak - Jahdae Barron picks Texas. Another great job recruiting staff!

“On that note, OSU is really good at turning 4-star players into All-Conference players. The national average for 4-star guys becoming All-Conference players is 21 percent. OSU’s is 28 percent. This also makes sense. With better talent, OSU’s development works even better.”

Which is why OSU needs more 4 star recruits. Otherwise, get used to 3rd-5th place being the annual routine.

Would love a breakdown by position to see what positions oSu is developing All Conference talent and where improvements could be made.

Also the reason 2020 will end 3rd in the conference.

If we finish 3rd in conference with so much returning talent on BOTH sides of the ball, Gundy’s seat needs to be NUCLEAR HOT, buyout be damned!!!

The same old question gets raised again as a result of this star studded article.
OSU does not have many 4 star players because they do not accept the offers?
Or OSU knows that 4 star players will reject the offer so they don’t bother to offer?
I think it’s the case of the former rather than the latter. But I would need to see the numbers. How many 4 star players were offered during the Gundy era? I don’t want to see the numbers for how many 4 stars rejected their offer, that much reality would be too depressing. Just show me the numbers for offers.

I hope people don’t think the difficulty of landing a 5 star recruit in football is equivalent to landing a 5 star in basketball. Basically the same amount of 5 stars for each sport, but basketball has 13 scholarships and football has 85.

but landing 4 stars over the likes of Arkansas, Baylor, and Texas Tech cannot be as difficult as we make it seem.


Wonder how they figure the 4 stars we get but never let play then they transfer out? Do we chalk up Grayson Boomer, CJ Moore and LC Greenwood as bust or just not buying into the Cowboy Culture?

My guess is that those 4 stars did not play because they were 4 stars at the high school level of competition but when at the next level they just were not good enough to play.
I have no idea what Mike Gundy really means when he says Cowboy culture.
I assume he is talking about doing what is expected of you during practice and in the classroom.

Cowboy culture is buying in to the system without getting to primadonna and doing what is ask of you and keeping your nose clean on and of the field and going to class and doing your school work. The problem I have with his recruiting of a kid is that he looks for those types of kids but what doesn’t come with most of them is swagg and talking trash. To be a kid like that you are probably confident in your football skills which translates to next level players which we miss on. I would only recruit defensive guys from the sec only Meaning I would take a 3 star kid from Georgia or Louisiana over a 4 star guy from Texas or Oklahoma any dang day!!! I would recruit Texas and Oklahoma only for offensive players.

I heard CJ Moore caught everything thrown in his direction in practice the spring game and the couple of games he was in. How many 4* have come to play and never got to see the field in 2 years enough to lose a redshirt?

It’s not enough just to catch balls. Moore and some of those other 4* had off the field issues that were their own doing but our coaches don’t downgrade kids to the fans or media so you don’t hear about it.

There will be coaches who do far worse who won’t be on hot seats because schools won’t be able to afford to get rid of them.

Coaching carousel isn’t going to move for much other than actual scandal I’d bet.

Recruiting could actually become worse, in 21-22 recruits are allowed to be paid for their services. I’m not really familiar with the rules on it but 4 and 5 star players will demand the lions share of the money. I hate to see this coming. It’s gonna be a bit** !!

He could finish dead last in the conference three years in a row and half the people on here would still consider him a god.

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Maybe. But that’s not the issue here.