Son of Former OSU All-American Mark Moore, Quentin, Sets Commitment Date

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Can OSU add a legacy Poke?

Maybe if we started using our TEs again we wouldn’t have trouble signing and keeping them on the team.

I was going to say something similar. Why would a potential standout who has aspirations to play in the NFL choose a school where he would most likely not be showcased? Gundy stands firm with his standard playbook rather than transforming his offense to suit new players. Therefore, I agree that Moore drifts back west.

Gundy hasn’t allowed his OC to use a tight end consistently since Pettigrew. Jarwin had decent numbers but they could have been better had he been given more opportunities. Jelani’s been a non-factor thus far. Until Gundy takes his hands off play-calling, this won’t change. Give Dunn COMPLETE CONTROL of this offense!!! He’s EARNED IT!!

Earned it how? That one elevator series that he called plays for??? I’m not trying to knock Dunn, but excellent WR Coach doesn’t automatically translate to good OC.

I’m not basing my trust in Dunn on the one elevator series. Im basing it on the length of time he’s been in the program and how well he probably knows the strengths and weaknesses of the players he will be directing. He probably knows the intricacies of the offense better than anyone. Just my two cents.

Any idea what time this is going down?

He committed to Washington

He knows and his dad knows we only use TE’s to block in the run game so…

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I really don’t care if we get him because it’s a wast of a scholarship in my eyes. We can always get a walk on for this position they call cowboy back.

No doubt he knows the players and the system, but play calling is a huge question-mark and probably the most important part of the OC job.

Unless Gundy calls plays. Then all bets are off.

I understand play calling is a whole different animal but the same plays have been called and same game plan has been the same the last three OC’s so what’s the odds off three different OC’s which are totally different guys call the same plays? My money is on it will be the same next year🤷‍♂️