Spencer... What is in a name?

It would seem to some Oklahomans, should you desire for your son to become a star quarterback in high school and subsequently live up to his hype in college… after being highly recruited and touted… DO NOT NAME HIM SPENCER!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thats bad. I guess rattler is out too

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I do apologize to all Spencers everywhere for the unfair characterization. :thinking:

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Mike Gundy will never do something like that: bench a preseason Heisman fav for a true freshman who hasn’t played football in over a year. He would taken the loss and said “Spencer played good.”


That might be a prophetic statement in another week… :expressionless:

“Spencer played well…but,
…we lack depth.”
…my wife’s purse holds my balls."
…the percentages tell you to run three plays and punt with a lead."
…that defensive back ran way the best route, made a good move to get away from the receiver’s coverage and was rewarded with a pass right to him!"

I probably should apologize AGAIN!! Sorry Spencers everywhere.


U to yahoos just dnt get it. Rattler is the only kid riley has coached. He had to go to the freshman.

No. Stop. YOU are WRONG and Everytime you are, you flat REFUSE to admit it. Well, guess what?! You are wrong. Gundy would NEVER have the balls to do what Riley did. His season and all of his goals were on the line and he made the correct call in benching Rattler. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Do you know why so many of us OSU fans are f–king pissed off tonight?! Because OU flat f–king refused to go away. And that is because they have a guy in charge with balls big enough to pull the trigger on benching Rattler and going to Caleb to keep his season alive. And in just 7 days, the Pokes have to deal with the repurcussions. So buckle up, Bobby Boy.


Ur a funny guy. I’ve never seen two teams suck so bad, but a lil gurl like u admires one and is scared of the other. Clear a beta.
Both those coaches should be fired.
I learned what I need to know. Neither play defense and with pressure they fold.

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This man^ :upside_down_face:

Is ur gf coming to help u

Um… it might’ve been the right longterm decision, but turning your season over to a freshman QB is basically signing yourself up for some losses this season. Some of the better defensive teams are coming up on the schedule and they’ll have more and more film on Williams and his tendencies. If he’s super talented, then he might pull off some great wins, but he’s going to make mistakes.

Riley had better hope Williams pans out. OU fans should know better than to value a QB after one great performance (Trevor Knight). Yeah, the change won them this game, but probably at the cost of others this season. You can’t go back to Rattler now (he’ll probably be in the portal tomorrow), so let’s say Williams starts getting exposed (Texas’s D isn’t that good and they had no film on him). You’re stuck with the young guy for the year. I am going to make the bold prediction that OU loses the conference this year. I want to be really bold and say they don’t even make the conference championship, but I’m not sure there are two teams definitively better than they are. We’ll see.

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They only had to get through that one game to keep all goals in front of them. The rest of the season they can figure out as they go. Also, if Caleb gets hurt, Rattler is right back in there. So, probably no portal for him. Yesterday’s game hurt the Pokes even without playing.

I would think the only way that game hurt us is if Texas falls out of the top 25. We got to keep winning we still have the undefeated game with ou.
We did learn that if u don’t cover ur man Thompson can get a pass to him.

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Eh… I think Rattler will leave.


Hello bots


What’s the prediction for this week ? Does Texas roll over and lick their wounds or do they make their way to the conference title starting with us ?

I think the rest and getting to watch this game in our bye helps us tremendously . Is Texas down a lineman or 2?

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We will see. We know they have no defense. Hopefully Baylor was the end of shooting ourselves in the foot. More players back. Refresh.
One thing I do hope our players aren’t scared like the fans on this site. Texas has a bunch of problems we run a clean game we win big. Even ugly we win


It’s strength on strength, weakness on weakness. Our defense against their offense and vice versa. I hope they come out demoralized instead of fired up, but you never know.

I will say I’m not real impressed with Sarkisian. The coaching is our biggest advantage. He basically let OU come back and win that game. Everyone will want to chalk it up to Caleb Williams, but Sarkisian got real conservative and left the door open.