Spring Position Previews: OSU Solid at Wide Receiver Despite Recent Transfers

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The top of the depth chart is solid, but depth may be a question.

Hopefully the lack of depth forces us to use our 6’7” beast of a cowboy back in the middle of the field not just in the red zone. How I miss the vertical seam route from our TE. Seems like our coaches forgot how dominant we were at that position. Mayes, Pettigrew, Jargin.


I’d settle for them using Woods in ANY capacity. Talk about wasting a weapon.

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This will be the 3rd year in a row that the Cowboys don’t utilize Woods in the passing game. He should’ve seen 5 to 8 targets / game to loosen up the defense for some long tosses to the outside.

@Helper Any inside scoops on why we don’t use Jelani Woods in the passing game? I’ve always thought there was a reason for it, like, he might not be that good. What other reason is there?

I think that will change this year. I also think some of it is on the QBs? I would love to see some of the numbers on routes run vs targets. Also keep in mind it’s not just woods. They force feed WR1. Not a terrible thing because when you have a Biletnikoff guy you need to get him the ball. So I have no proof based of Dunn that he will make a more concerted effort to get it to Woods. I do know he likes the idea of working the underneath more to open up things for his burners at WR. So hopefully that includes Woods. Sorry if that doesn’t answer your question.

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