Spring Preview: OSU Cowboy Back Group Added Pass-Catching Talent

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OSU’s oft-overlooked Cowboy Back group might have added a star in the making.

Are we actually going to pass the ball to the Cowboy back or use him as a glorified blocker?

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A blocker and as much as 5 passes thrown to them a season. Just hope he can block.


That’s why they call it a “cowboy back and not tight end.

As soon as I saw the title, I knew this hater troll post was coming as sure as I know the sun is coming up in the east tomorrow. You’re predictable, you add no value, everyone knows your sad four opinions. Why don’t you surprise everyone and shut up for once?


The question is not, do we have the talent for Cowboy back?
The question is, have the coaches learned anything after seeing how Virginia used Jelani Woods who became a real tight end for Virginia? Open the playbook coach Dunn, override coach Gundy’s philosophy of keep doing what has worked.


I’m serious!!! Speaking of the sun coming up from the East. I’m sure Gundy is looking toward the East right now and wondering why he didn’t throw the ball to his former player that some think will be drafted in the 5th or 6th round. I guess we can call him “The one that got away!!!”

On this topic he is 100% right. Holgy and Wickline got value from walk on players. At several points under MY there were 6+ scholarships players at CWB and oSu was thin on both lines. Sure could of used Jelani Woods in the Big 12 title game and who can blame him for leaving the program? Gundy deserves credit for many things. Effectively utilizing CWB isn’t one of them.


I’m just saying….when we attacked the middle of the field against OU it worked (and we won). We didn’t do that all season leading up to that point, and we didn’t really do it in the two games afterwards. Sometimes it’s beneficial to have another receiving option for a QB to possibly make it 3rd and 2 instead of 3rd and 8.

I’m fine with what you said. Up to the Dana part. Guy was here 1 year. It leaves little to say what impact he had on walk on.
We have always had a good walkon program.

Dana (and Monken) are the only coaches under Gundy that gave us two future first round picks from the same team. A walk-on and three star recruit. Name me how many other assistants under Gundy have been able to replicate that?

They were here a total of 3 years.
Dana was her 1.
Who recruited those guys.
Joey I feel your going down a rabbit hole again.

I don’t care who recruited them. Who developed an offense that made them first round draft picks? Gundy didn’t even want Weeden. I’m still waiting for an answer to my original question.

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Dude your a mess. We have talked about this before.

Who cares, though? It’s been said. Move on.

I’d say the same thing if I didn’t have a legitimate point to back it up with either.

Well….I mean he’s technically right. There are others that feel the same way I do about that specific situation (many do actually). Feels like we’re wasting another offensive option by having a glorified blocker alongside an offensive line that struggles to block anyway. Just seems kind of pointless.

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Jelani Woods combine is looking pretty ■■■■ good right now so far. Complete miscalculation not using him. https://twitter.com/nfl/status/1499496774221901824?s=21