Star Memphis Transfer Moussa Cisse to Announce Commitment Thursday

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OSU is in the mix to land another former five-star recruit.

This is a type of guy we need. A center. May only be used 1 yr.

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Please let this happen.

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Coach tweeted he recommends getting tickets ASAP about half an hour ago. Let’s go.

What’s the reason that lead to the big man’s transfer? The numbers from Memphis last season don’t scream a 5 star player.

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Well I guess this answers my question on who will get one first…will gundy get a high profile O-line guy first or will boyton get a center first LOL hope he picks the pokes!!! I just wonder if boynton had a mullet if he could still get these top recruits🧐.

Can’t wait for basketball

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Boynton hasn’t done his typical emojis on Twitter so I’m going to say that he’s not coming here.

Sauces say it’s likely happening …


If we get this kid does that mean we can make sweet 16. One ncaa win for each 5 :star2:

If this kid was coming to OSU I do think Boynton would have tweeted us some kind of hint. One of these days we will have another Big Country, just a matter of time before we have a complete team. Till then we play the cards we’ve been dealt I’d say this is a pretty good hint.

2 out of his last 3 r about buying tickets so it’s an odd hint.

Yea well this kid is no big country. But we need him.

I think it’s FSU.

You think wrong.

I hope. Just thinking that he’s from that region, and FSU is on the rise.


So glad to be wrong