Stat of the Week: OSU's Defense is Still Good on Third Downs, Offense Still Struggles

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OSU’s offense keeps getting in third-and-long situations.

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Defense wins games… It would be nice to see our offense show up a little better than they have been.

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Too vanilla on 3rd down. Forget they have a TE. Do the same in the red zone.

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“But the Cowboys were pretty bad on third-downs offensively against the Cyclones, converting just 20 percent, the team’s worst mark since its last trip to Ames two years prior. OSU earned all of those third-down conversions (going 2-of-3) in the opening period, before finishing 0-for-7 from the second quarter on. Not exactly a recipe for success, but the Pokes have been playing with fire all year.”

Why is it every week there is an article about how good the defense is, and how bad the offense struggles? Yet, it’s always the same two phucktards on here saying they don’t see a problem with the offense or the offensive scheme?

Why is no one talking about the obvious? Gundy and his OC seem to be incapable of adjusting to the opponent’s defense during the halftime break. They come out with a predictable script of 8-10 plays and then seem to be lost when the opponent stuffs them. When you only score 3 points in Q3 your defense is going to be pretty tired by the time Q4 rolls around…and the offense has to be down due to the lousy play calling. Either the coaches change their ways or we are looking at a minimum of 2 more losses. You cannot count on having a good first half and then hang on for the second half.