Steelers Plan to Start Mason Rudolph on Saturday

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‘We’ve got a great deal of comfort with him.’

Great guys

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I wish him well.


I hope he’s successful. This is his audition to be more than a clipboard carrier.

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Yes he could make himself the starter.

I doubt it. Too much draft capital invested in Pickett for him not to get the starting nod when he returns. But if he can play well, he’ll earn opportunities elsewhere. I think he’s contracted with the Steelers for another year, but if he plays well enough, he could be a trade target as a bridge QB for a team that’s not drafting a QB this year, but needs a starter level QB. Kind of like Geno Smith was for the Seahawks until he showed, he can actually play, and that Seattle didn’t need to draft his replacement. The Commanders, the Falcons, and the Bucs are just some of the teams that will be drafting too late to get a Day 1 QB starter but will likely need a competent QB next season. This game will be Mason’s audition for that type of job.

Its not like there paying mason peanuts

Yea, but Rudolph is still the 3rd highest paid QB on their roster. They’re paying Trubisky more, and after next year will have to make a 5th year decision on Pickett, so Pickett’s going to get the starting nod once he returns. The team will want to see what he does in a more aggressive offense than the Matt Canada short-bus special offense Pitt’s been running the past several years.

Yea that pretty much sums up the situation for years now. The Steelers have plowed through some good NFL talent because of idiots in the OC position.

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