Steelers Release Calvin Bundage One Week Ahead of Training Camp

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Bundage signed with the Steelers as a UDFA.

Thats to bad there still other camps. And cfl

Not that I have any place to suggest a 6th year, but covid allowed for you middle tier and upper middle tier players to get in some draft boards. If you’re not going to get drafted in the first 5 rounds, and can come back to school, you should do it. If playing in the NFL is what your goal is.

Not sure how many players have to see others make the same mistake before they come back. That being said, I can’t wait to watch the young men that made the choice to come back this year.

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I just don’t think Bundage has the talent to play in the NFL. He weighs 220? And his best asset is rushing the passer? He jumped offsides more than any player I can remember on any level. I wish him well.

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Because of Bundage’s serious back injury and the chance of reinjury it might have been a mistake to come back to OSU for another season and risk injury. He gambled on the NFL but it seemed like the right thing to do. It’s always a strange thing how some guys can be really good in college but not have what it takes at the next level. Would have been nice to have him for this upcoming season, which on paper, looks like it could be pretty special.
Bundage is an example of how important it is for these college athletes to take school seriously and get a degree that will help them get a job. They are always one injury away from being unemployed in the NFL if they even make it that far.

This must have been gundys fault to

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