Super Powers: What Four 16-Team Conferences Could Look Like

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Could OU-Texit™ start be the first domino to the Era of Super Conferences?

I’m about done with OKC sports talk radio anyway. When they do finally get around to mention OSU, it’s very weak.

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Well alot are no brainer. The west Virginia is a given. Nd not so.
The kstate & istate not.
Isu is in IOWA enough said. We’ll kstate has no wrestling team. If the big 10 over looks academics they won’t want kstate.
Kstate is the odd man out in all most all ways.
The pac12 is odd I just its just what they would give up.
Kstate has no championship at all
Tcu and Baylor r religious school tcu less.
There is still the one way we get to the sec.
Missouri tranfers to the big10.
Over all it fits for Missouri, with Kansas going in they start up their chit again. Missouri is the only wrestling school. There would be little pay lose if any when said and none. Missouri stay away from ou and Texas while laughing at a&m.

PAC 12??? Worst case scenario. If you thought osu had gain any prestige in football over the last 15 years? Well it’s going to be taken all back. Pac 12 is the laughing stock already and the late games that nobody watches?

By nobody u mean us in the fly over state.
The actual people that count are the ones on east coast not watching.
One thing that kills me rite now is we had more day games in the big 12 but when we go to the pac 12 all of r games will be 9 o’clock. Very odd.

@KyleCox I think you’re missing that KSU is not an AAU school but ISU is. Iowa already being there and KSU being smaller than ISU tells me the B1G considers ISU >>>>> KSU. Then I think Baylor fills in with the PAC or they take Houston/SMU if they really don’t want the religious schools.

I also think they should do a rebrand and be the BIG PAC or the SNAP (Somewhat Near the Area of the Pacific).


The ksu is true. We would still be the number 1 choice for the pac12. Acc will take wv and more then likely cincy.

If everyone is worried about nine o’clock games try this on for size.
We merge with the pac12. Instead of pods. We have 2 10 team divisions. Colorado and Utah joins us we play 9 games. The winner of the division play for the title.
No nine o’clock games.

Why does PFB keep putting Boise State in the PAC16? That’s not happening.