Superlatives from OSU's Overtime Loss to Texas

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Handing out game balls and pondering what-ifs after a scary Halloween game.

Gotta remember, this is still one of the best teams we’ve seen at Oklahoma State. From what I saw last night, definitely up there with Gundy’s best. They dominated and yes, the score didn’t reflect that because of the turnovers. Costly mistakes - they beat themselves, not Texas.
And a reminder, even the 2011 team had what was an even worse loss to Iowa State. They CAN fix things - that team turned around and then beat the tar out of OU and then won OSU’s lone BCS appearance against Stanford.
But like I said elsewhere here today, I think Gundy would be smart to move Sanders to RB and put Illingworth back under center.

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Some people said we lost the battle of turnovers. Battle it was a massacre. If it was a movie they would call a fumble to far, staring sanders.

“ the biggest question will be how the Pokes respond.”

You respond by making Illingworth the starter the rest of the year. He’s not going to escape a collapsing pocket, but he doesn’t do anything too wild to put the entire team in compromising situations.

Sander has 3 interceptions and 3 fumbles (and to be quite honest, if Texas Defense was any good he would have more). This is all in just 2.25 games this season. That’s nearly 3 turnovers every game by just one player.

While I like Sanders elusiveness and mobility he’s just not a good decision maker consistently enough to get the offense rolling. Think if you were on this team and a defensive player, wide receiver, or offensive lineman how demoralizing that must be?

At least I know Illingworth has shown the ability and potential to get the ball down the field while making minimal mistakes so far. I would rather Illingworth get sacked and OSU punt the ball away instead of giving the other team three opportunities in the red zone to score a touchdown.

The defense has proven so far they are good enough to win games for OSU as long as the turnovers are kept to a minimum. OSU should really get into the QB graduate transfer business and see what happens.

  1. Sanders is 6’1 and 205. He doesn’t have the strength or frame right now to be a running back.

  2. I wouldn’t want him as a running back anyway because he’s a turnover machine (too many fumbles).