Sutton a Father Figure for Oklahoma State Players, but Also for Us as Fans

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How I experienced Eddie Sutton as a kid and then as an adult.

Beautiful, warmly written article from the heart.
So many aspects to Eddie Sutton to be appreciated.
I’m most grateful to him for erasing the memories I had being a student at OSU during Coach Iba’s last 4 years when it was embarrassing watching the lack of talent that a great coach had to work with on the court. It looked like OSU would never again be thought of as a basketball powerhouse. And then one day Sutton rode back into town and the ressurection began. I think we need a different article about Eddie Sutton each day for the rest of the week to honor the memories that he left with us.


Your coverage of Eddie’s passing has been beyond outstanding. This article is some of your absolute best work! I relate so strongly to all of it because you and I are so close in age I suppose. To put that in context, in 2000 when DG and Mase made their run, I was 17. This article to me is written with a tremendous ability to recall stories, emotion, and in the words of TA, “grit and grind”. You took all of your talents at your disposal and combined them to create a work-of-art. Much like Eddie did with his 95 and 04 squads. I will miss the Eddie I grew up knowing, but his recent health issues had caused that to become simply an incredible set of memories. I am certainly thrilled that he has reunited with Patsy and the 10! Thanks again, KP for the great work! Rest In Peace Coach!!