T. Boone Pickens dies at 91

Very sad news to report today.

Thank you for everything you did for our great university. RIP T Boone Pickens

Carson and I chatted about it and celebrated his life a bit here. Really weird day …

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GOAT. Lived a full life!

Absolute titan of a man in both business and generosity. Made OSU what it is today… Loyal & True forever!

This is terribly sad for many obvious reasons, but one that sticks out is what he wrote in his letter to OSU fans just two weeks ago.

“But I’m in it to win it. My first goal for 2019 is to win a Big 12 football championship…again. Then to make the final four playoffs. Fingers crossed Mike Gundy can make that happen this year. The window is closing for me.”


I was going to make a comment about his annual letter. Very prescient…

What a loss for OSU and for the state of Oklahoma. He’ll truly be missed as an absolute legend of black and orange. Now it’s time to rattle off the most improbable of undefeated seasons to get T. Boone that trophy in memory.

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Indeed. You don’t often find folks with his wherewithal, who love their university as he did, and the magnanimity to share his fortune with not only the university, but with all its fans.