Tay Martin Alludes to Return in Instagram Post

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“I’m back.”

By the way, Jelani Woods had 4 receptions for 73 yards and a touchdown last night. Looks like we could really use him today if he were still on our team.

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An ou qb for smu just beat tcu. He throw more then 73 yards.

To bad he lead them to their second loss

So far it looks like every team in the conference can score enough points to beat Gundy’s cowboys.

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Lol u mite make it as a comedian yet.

I don’t find that funny.

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I do, but it is sad jug ur an idiot. Do u think Texas is going to score 70 against us. Arkansas will win a natty this year if Texas is half as good u think Texas is.

Too bad Bronco Mendenhall knows how to use him and the best coach in Oklahoma State Football history doesn’t.

If Tay Martin plays and his injury is truly healed, we have a chance to beat Kansas State. If Tay cannot play then we are going down.
I am so curious to see what Kasey Dunn is going to draw up this game for third and long. I am hoping that it will be a big surprise to all of us.

Probably a QB draw like we did several times against Boise regardless if Martin is back or not.

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Bronco didn’t last 8 seconds again.

Maybe not…but he still knows how to use Jelani Woods!!!

Ok so u are just say pathetic stuff. And ur happy a coach.and his player got 74 yards.
They lost to wake.

Again…you are talking about something that has nothing to do with the subject. Right now Jelani Woods is on pace to have almost the same stats as Mark Andrews (3rd round pick).

His potential is being utilized right now as we speak. What I’m just trying to figure out is why the best coach in school history couldn’t get him any more than 129 yards receiving in one season?

U got 1 player that left osu that’s done good. Get over it.

So why did Gundy never throw him the ball? This is exactly what everyone is talking about Roberto.

Did woods help in a win last nite. Yea well u see. He has lead Virginia to 2 loses

Joe ur a moron. U want gundy to throw balls to te from the side line.

Are you really that big of a dumba$$??? I don’t care if Virginia was 0-4. The main idea here (thesis) is Jelani Woods. One coach knows how to use him, but the greatest coach in school history doesn’t. Now we see the fruits of Jelani’s labor.

What exactly is so difficult that you don’t understand that? Now you’re making excuses. It’s a bad look. Just admit Gundy was dumb for not using him like he should. You go to such great lengths to defend Gundy even when he’s been proven wrong.