Tay Martin Has a Big Game to Match his Big Opportunity

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Tay Martin is turning heads as a potential breakout star.

Well I hope they are sell a fully load and revamped matrix. Last year they said he was not in shape.

Not buying the hype on Tay Martin.

I remember when they said the same thing about Charlie Moore and he ended up just being another dude on the roster getting on the field but never really wowed anyone.

I’m going to wait and see what he does before we anointing him as the next Bryant, Blackmon, Washington, or Wallace. I’ve also heard nothing but how good Braydon Johnson is and for three years I haven’t seen what they are talking about.

Agree about Johnson. But I go back to the bomb scheme. Hard to showcase a receiver when all they do is throw jump balls all day. It’s like the three pointer in basketball. You live and die by the bomb.

O yea, not having a quarter back for years is also a problem. O yea, and not having an offensive line for years has also been a problem. Can’t forget about not having a special teams coach for years also. Well now that I think about it there has been a lack of letting different OC’s run their own offense resulting in running the same plays for years. I can’t imagine why we have been where we have been for years🤷‍♂️

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You have to ask yourself if your university was going to hire a coach that has had these issues for going on over ten years would you be on board for them to hire this guy? Not a chance in hel.

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Robert would.