Teven Jenkins to Forgo Rest of Season to Prepare for NFL Draft

Wait, did I miss the part where we were a great rushing team with him?? What game did that occur in?

Gotcha. Yeah, I don’t want to go the Big 12 Championship under those circumstances. Even if we won, it would always have like an asterisk hanging over it.

Regardless of opponent, the line has to perform. They did, to the tune of highest graded OL in the country. They won’t be completely useless without Jenkins. Could be as simple as scheme changes (see recent post about the offensive schemes on the PFB page).

Absolutely. I could only imagine OU fans for the rest of history if that actually did happen. That being said, it’d take us over ISU anytime. For some reason Purdy struggles vs our defense.

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Hey toolbag. We are tied for 2nd in the league. Have a shot to tie for first in the league if we can win out.

Something I’ve noticed is the losers of the tiebreaker are the ones that always claim the tie.

Don’t worry though maybe the other teams will get covid and you can claim your victory.

Awesome!!! They got OL of the week one time this season!!! Somebody break out the champagne bottles!!!

If we win under those conditions Gundy would get an additional bonus send we would be stuck with him another 16 seasons. He would literally be the Joe Paterno of OSU football. He would be here until he’s ■■■■ near 90 years old and our Bedlam record would be 2-51 in the Gundy era.

Terrible take.

How is that a terrible take? Gundy proved he could win when he recruited better and hired good assistants. He proved he could beat OU with the correct offense and type of players to run that offense. He proved that having good special teams and coaches help a ton too.

Now what do we have?

No recruiting classes in the Top 25 since 2011. Newer and less seasoned assistants. We run a K State / Tech hybrid offense (We don’t know which one we want to be). We recruit giant slow lineman when we used to have smaller quicker lineman that could progress to their respective assignments once the ball was snapped. Now we don’t have a special teams coach and special teams has been up and down the last few seasons.

Am I the only one here that sees as a football program Gundy has totally went away from what made him and his team successful in his first few years? If the system and players aren’t broken then why would anyone try to fix it?

Reread the comment I responded to. Nothing you just rambled on about had anything to do with my comment at all.

That’s joe rambles. Joe say he is a fan. He doesn’t hate Gundy. But when something good happens like a win or players getting noticed, he still rants on and on.