Texas Game Uniform Predictions

I’m going with what’s worked in Austin the last couple of times. OWB has been the magical uniform in Austin.

@CarsonCunningham dropped some serious “sources” information on the podcast on this subject. Go listen and find out what our team is wearing

Texas is probably going WOW, so I’m really hoping they go BBO with the brand.

Is it that far fetched that OSU could have ordered a white jersey of last year’s homecoming? Obviously wishful thinking, but it would be pretty amazing to see Saturday.

Black white orange

I’m in love with the new helmet!

My God that helmet looks pretty

My daughter came in and said, “why is OSU wearing red helmets?”

That’s my problem with orange chrome helmets. They look too red on TV. Do I just need to adjust my set, or do other people see that too? Up close and in photos, I loved that helmet, but the color just ain’t right.

Yeah, the helmet alone looked good, but the color was way too red compared to the orange trim on the jerseys.

Why can’t we figure this out? Clemson has no issue wearing orange helmets that actually match the color of their jerseys.