Texas @ Iowa State Game Thread

Not sure if this is okay to do this on here but I’d rather talk to OSU fans than others. Anyone else watching this game?

(If for some reason this isn’t allowed on this forum, just let me know and I’ll delete, NBD)

I’m here for it!

I need Texas to lose like I need Chuba screen passes like I need air to breathe.

Texas loss
OU loss

Bedlam to get into the B12 title.


YEP. That’s why I’m watching. Iowa State looks solid today. Makes me more surprised by the OSU win over them going as well as it did for us

ISU playing very well… wish there were less time left in the game

No kidding.

Texas getting away with a lot of PI, holding at the line, etc.

What’s new?

I’m still not sure I’m convinced Slingin Sam is any good…

Don’t put that on your cover letter for the ESPN job. /s

I have to keep reminding myself that not every running back is Chuba Hubbard

…considering retracting previous snarky comment about Sammy…

I mean… Still not wrong

Someone needs to Purdy that the orange team across from him is oSu! He’ll drive them down and score like Joe Montana!

It helps as a QB when your line is allowed to ride on the back of the DT and then pull them to the ground right in front of the ref.

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Saw that too…

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Makes me sick when I see Texas getting that kind of call all the time. Now the refs are sure to find their flags again.

Someone needs to design a 2 layer, bi-color jersey that shows a secondary color when the top layer is stretched (held)

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That would be amazing.

Well, we aren’t the only team that has trouble fielding punts.

Purdy time. Let’s go.

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That catch. How

PI needs to be a spot foul in the NCAAs asap.

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