Texas, Oklahoma Board of Regents Vote Unanimously to Join SEC

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Both schools say they will be in the Big 12 until 2025.

Well that completely shows us their working together.
Not only are they chicken chit there cheap.
So we get 4 years to do what ever we can to those two. Don’t forget they beat up r Manger at ou.
We could string up some donor for horse theft?

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If 0U really wants to continue Bedlam, they can pony up all the money OSU is going to lose because of the Gooners departure to the SEC.


The only reason they want to continue Bedlam is to increase schedule strength and say “Hey we beat a decent P5 team!!!” and also because Gundy is still at the helm they know they can go ahead and check it as a W on the schedule.


I’ll pay extra to make up the difference in NOT playing them if it will keep them off the schedule.
Schedule Colorado State or Iowa or any other SEC school (Arkansas is already on the schedule).

Exactly! Let’s charge them a massive amount of money and we’ll see how meaningful bedlam is to them. And no one can call us greedy, because we can always say, “well, you’d do the same thing if you had the chance.” We get how this works- we just got schooled by OU.

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They aren’t going to pay much at all. The remaining 8 will jump at the 1st invitation they get because of the reality of not having a viable conference. This will collapse the conference and OU/Texas will pay peanuts to get out for next season. The remaining 8 should sue Bowlsby for massive financial incompetence. His mismanagement has lead to this whole mess. I know we are pissed/sad/in shock about the situation, but if we can continue Bedlam, that will help our ticket sales.