Texas @ OSU Game Thread 🏀

1pm tip

It now feels like he’s been there a long time.


I knew he got an extra year or two because of cancer but I had to look it up:

  • 5⭐️ in the class of 2016, which included Josh Jackson, Markell’s Fultz, Lonzo Ball, etc.

  • Played the full 2016/17 year but only played a combined 12 games from the 17/18 and 18/19 years

  • Technically has 1 more year left if they let him take a redshirt and then a medical redshirt and then the COVID year


I would expect attendance to be low today. Combination of mediocre fanbase and COVID. Latter is understandable

Despite COVID, will be there.

Will be the people sitting with NO-ONE around

Yep I’m moving up from my seats today. Should be ample space

Go be an OU fan

No u


He isn’t wrong though. It’s hard to make fun of Ou basketball’s low attendance and then turn on the tv to see about 45 total people at the OSU-KU game (a game that is always close to sold out). It’s how things have gone in this state, the Thunder have sucked a lot of passion out of OSU and OU bball. Extra circumstances on top of that this year, but the fan interest for OSU basketball as been relatively poor ever since Eddie left. Skyrocketed for about 48 hours after the NCAA ruling, and then cliff dived to the lowest it’s been this century.


The feeling of a W just came to me. Pokes by 4.

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If OSU is really lucky on this nice Saturday afternoon with nothing else to do, the arena might get half way filled against top 15 Texas. But that’s a huge stretch.

We just got to our parking spot. Def more people here than expected 20 mins to tip

Looks like the crowd will be better than Tuesday.


Let’s do this

Texas by 18

Death, taxes and you beating a dead horse.


Well that’s very good news at least. Had tickets and technically this is my 6th day of the new “5 day quarantine” guidelines but I’d feel irresponsible going there in person this soon.

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Okay not sure how many of you have played organized basketball, but the type of shoes you wear are important. And every single one of them feels different when you wear them. I have no clue how BW enjoys wearing two different shoes at once.