Texas Tech AD Kirby Hocutt Hints the Big 12 Could Expand Again in the Future

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The Big 12 is set to add four teams and could grow again down the line.

And as soon as the ink is dry on adding these 4 teams Bowlsby needs to be fired for getting the conference here in the first place. Add 4 teams so the conference seems to be on more firm ground and start the search for Bowlsby’s replacement. If this Hocutt fella is as plugged in as the article suggests, give him a shot. Time for the Longhorn puppet to go.


If the money is good, then I’m all for adding Boise State and Memphis to bring the conference to 14 teams:
East: Cincinnati, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Memphis, UCF, West Virginia
West: Baylor, Boise State, BYU, Houston, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech
If that were to happen, I think a name change would be in order to give the conference a fresh start. The Big 14 would be fine. I think that XIV as a logo would look good.


I like adding bsu and Memphis. My only suggestion is to do it now. Doing so gives the big 12 strength in numbers and further separates the big 12 from the aac and MWC


Unless there’s a good reason not to add those two at this time, then I agree. Strike while the iron is hot.


Boise and Memphis would be cool . Let’s just poach both the Arizona schools. A guy can dream .

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If Boise State can whip us this season, then add them. I also like Memphis but would have preferred Louisville had they been available.

So who made the TTech president the mouthpiece for the conference? I am wondering if it’s by design or he just can’t keep his mouth shut. I am also wondering what the other presidents think about his talking so openly to the press about their plans.

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The PAC-12 current TV deal expires soon and if the new deal is a dud…Probably won’t happen but you never know.

I agree.Why not do it now? Boise State has has good football teams.Memphis football is a lot better.Played Penn State well in bowl game but also looks to be an elite basketball power with Players making money and also with Fed Ex.Big 12 or Big 14 would be great in football and basketball with Houston,Cinn,Memphis especially would be a wow with teams already there

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Yeah probably not .

Why stop at 14? Go for the full 16, and do it now. I’d go after Memphis, Boise State, USF, and Navy if it was me. Memphis is a great market, Boise State has been a top 20 to top 25 caliber football program for at least the past two decades, South Florida would give us the Tampa market and a share of the Miami market, and Navy could be an inroad into having Notre Dame play someone in the conference (not to mention the Army-Navy game becomes something the Big 12 can claim), and is a decent football program in its own right. Plus, Memphis on top of Cinci, Houston, BYU, Iowa State, Kansas, Okie State, Baylor, Texas Tech, and Kansas State in basketball makes the Big 12 as quality as the ACC and the Big 10 basketball wise.

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I don’t like 14. It’s an just odd. U can’t do pods with 14.
I think the pod system can be a good way to.
U build a good rival with 3 teams. And u can play 2 teams a year from each pod. So in 4 years u have played everyone home and away.
Plus we would only be making 2 long trips a year.
But only add if we can get good money.

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Add 2 of the following 3: Arkansas, Missouri, & Nebraska. All 3 are in the wrong conference(s)

Both Boise State and Memphis do not belong in the Big 12. Same with UCF, no history / heritage, geographic nightmare, etc.

Those would be great additions, but I think we may be stuck with selecting from MWC and aac programs.

I don’t see this ever happening. Hopefully, our AD and President are working at getting us into the SEC, or any other power conference, if they expand again.